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挨拶 (CEO)

SAESHIN’s core value is to achieve constant development of new products and improvements of others.

SAESHIN will grow as a global leader in the medical device manufacturing industry through creativity and innovation!

First place in the domestic market!
Growth of a global company.

SAESHIN identified the importance of the medical field and established the company in 1976. The dental handpiece was first product developed by SAESHIN in Korea. For the past 30 years, SAESHIN has continued to grow as a consistent technology leader making it one of the best precision companies in the medical device field.

SAESHIN advanced its technical development to include devices such as high speed BLDC motor, subminiature reducer, high speed &super precision spindle field. As a result, SAESHIN has become the number ONE firm in the domestic market and now exports dental implant engines and handpiece brands (TRAUS, STRONG) to 120 countries around the world.

SAESHIN is ready for the second-stage for growth.

SAESHIN had technical difficulties and obstacles in the development of micro motors and dental handpiece. However, through a team effort, we overcame those challenges. Now, we are ready for the second stage for growth. SAESHIN will be the leader of change and innovation of new product development, high quality, and ergonomic design in the dental medical field.

SAESHIN provides a variety of global services. We fuel our growth with core abilities and values. We will progress to become a global leader in the super-precision medical device field to represent Korea and the world.